8 New Interior Design Trends 2021 To Know

As we have gotten much better acquainted with our homes this once time, our connections with our own spaces have evolved. Apartments and houses served different purposes this time than they had in the history, whether that be the need for a home office, a family-friendly living area, or a functional out-of-door space. Once requirements were met, it was time to indulge our aesthetic penchants.

What the experts saw was less straightforward aesthetic trends and more so larger each- encompassing movements grounded on an idea or need, like incorporating family heritages into scenery or leaning into further natural accoutrements.” Guests want their homes to be simplistic and dateless, like a sanctuary,”reiterates Eilyn Jimenez, interior developer, creative director, and author of Sire Design. With all that’s going on in the world, a home should be an escape — a place that provides a sense of calm.” Below, we have asked Jimenez and Lester to discover the most current interior design trends for you to experiment with.

Sentimental Interior

Quaint pieces, plant particulars, and family heritages are surely trending. Now further than ever, homeowners want furnishings and accessories with character and pieces that start exchanges. They want their homes filled with pieces that have a history behind them. Rather than fast cabinetwork, like Ikea, guests are decreasingly seeking to buy pieces of quality that can evolve with them and their homes. Youngish guests are also decreasingly sustainability- concentrated and want an volition to mass- produced or roster- bought particulars. They prefer to have pieces that reflect their character and grow with them.

Statement Lighting

I suppose people are getting more audacious with their lighting choices, really taking advantage of them as a statement design element in a room. In the once people remitted more toward can lighting and adjourned lighting, but now we’re seeing a number of pendant and hanging lights to anchor apartments.

Natural Elements

A number of my guests are gravitating towards natural fabrications and finishings, specifically rattan, caning, and fabrics that are a more woven ground. Another trend is an increased use of light, natural-multicolored wood, moving down from darker stained pieces.

Being at home has also driven the trend of connecting to nature through design. This can be seen in creating fluidity between inner and out-of-door spaces, as well as bringing in biophilic rudiments into the interior design.


I see people bringing back design trends and styles from the’20s,’30s,’40s, and’50s. We’re learning to look at the once styles and value what made them so uncanny. Interior design and fashion have always been close musketeers when it comes to what’s’in.’I also love a minimalistic and aged style — think Hamptons meets Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Linens, natural oak tones, layers of texture, and raw accoutrements. Where old meets new. We tête-à-tête are introducing this trend into our current systems.

A comfortable home

Comfort is the most important‘ interior design trend’at the moment, it’s presumably what we ’re all craving for. We ’ve been spending further time at home than ever ahead, not just for relaxing but we ’ve also started working at home.

Less design more comfort

Veritably nice that design lounge, but perhaps not the most comforting thing to spend an evening on binge- watching you favourite show on Netfix. It’s an item that we ’ll see more in this interior trends blog post but I see a trend toward lower impeccably designed spaces and a bigger focus on comfort (and a bigger blend in terms of home scenery, but more on that latterly).

Warm colors

Comfort isn’t just about cabinetwork but also about color. As you might have read in my Color Trends 2021 post, this time is each about comforting color tones (with the occasional bright color pop).

The color trends will make you want to stay at home because you ’ll be girdled by warm earthy tones, soft pinks and natural blue tones.

Light Colors

Light colors are comforting, it’s adding color to your home without it being inviting. The soft light colors bring a romantic vibe to your house that you simply do n’t want to leave.

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